Friday, July 6, 2012

My Life in Pics Too

It's been such a busy week! It's hot and humid, but it beats all the rain we were having before! As you might have expected I've been trying out my new camera. So far it continues to exceed my expectations, so we're still very much in love :)

Last week I wanted to try out my tripod, so I went to a beautiful graveyard I've been wanting to catch on camera for years. I drive past it often, but always in a hurry and I never actually took the time to park the car and go in. Now I finally did I ask myself why I didn't do that sooner. Such a serene and magical place! I love graveyards. That may sound a little morbid, but I love how green and quiet they are and I love to think about all the stories that wander around in these places. The mossy statues with their delicate faces, the overgrown wooden crosses, they all breathe a certain pureness that's hard to come by in daily life.

Back home I like to try to integrate my own fantasies into some of the existing images.

Another thing I love about graveyards: there are hardly any people! I like that a lot!

Later this week we took our little boy Ravi to a playground, he had so much fun! He loves everything that can drive!

It was also a week of fabulous Etsy mail! My lovely friend Heidi McDonald made me the cutest painting ever! Don't you just love the bright pink colours?!
She is so talented! This is a typical example of the new direction she's been heading over the past few months and I absolutely adore everything she creates!
I LOVE the little camera she gave me in the painting!

Want to take a look for yourself? You won't be dissappointed! Find her here: and here

And last, but not least: the wonderful Carrie of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography
( featured me in her wonderful blog!!! She said such sweet things in her article! They made me blush (a lot!) :)
Click the link to read a little bit more about me and my work (and to see a pic of me and my gorgeous kitty Zelda!)

So, that was my week up till now! How has your week been? What has inspired you lately? And do you like graveyards too or do you prefer to be among the living? ;)
See you soon xxx


  1. Thank you for the inspiration (again!).
    I love graveyards myself, indeed very soothing! There's one near you (well, sort of) around Sittard, an old Jewish one, on the hills, not many graves, where it is exceptionally nice to sit and enjoy the view!
    I find it strange not many more people go out for a stroll among the dead really.. When visiting my family-in-law I mostly visit the cemetery, they are very well kept up in Poland, and many have candles burning..
    Anyway, thanks again, love Heidi's work too!!

    1. Thank YOU for the tip, Heyme! Sittard is really close and I don't think I've ever visited that particular graveyard! New spot to visit :)
      Oh yes, I can imagine that graveyards in Poland must be beautiful! To see all the candles burning at night... magical! x

  2. hey lovely x i adore graveyards and we have so many really good old ones here in Ireland. It seems odd but I love to spend time in them when I'm on holiday too, I don't think it's mordid at all, they are places designed for quiet reflection, so why not use them for that?
    Lovely pics ~ so glad you have a blog :)

    1. Thanks, sweetie! You're so right, they are great for reflection! Oh yes, I imagine Ireland being a place for wonderful old graveyards! Hoping to visit some of them some day :) Have a fab weekend! xxx

  3. D!
    Lovely new mages - cemeteries are always on my list of places to visit when I hit a new city. It also gives me a chance to just breathe amid the bustling about. Breathe. Doesn't that just sound nice? A bit of a juxtaposition, but still quite nice ...

    Heidi did a great job! It is beautiful! I have been a fan of hers for some time .... quite jealous you have one at home!

    And I am on my way to Carrie's great blog - she is just adorable! Quirky, sweet, such a good person. Carrie rocks!


    1. C!
      Yes, breathing is nice! Necessary, but nice nonetheless! It's so great to hear more people share my fondness of cemeteries! Thank you and yes, Heidi and Carrie are awesome indeed :D
      I think it's amazing that your shop is a one year old already! Time really does fly when you're having fun, eh? xxx

  4. More graveyard photos i say...there really great, i think there such fascinating places ( the really old grayeyards ) you look at the old name, old crypts and wonder who these people where.
    Your little Boy is just so gorgeous - great photo.
    Thanks for showing and writing about the painting i did, it makes me really happy you like it xxx

    1. Thank you, lovely! I absolutely adore the painting, it has a prominent place in our living room now! Yes, I'm planning on visiting more old graveyards soon, got a great tip from Heyme (above) and I've heard of a really special one not too far away too! xxx