Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Year Old & A Giveaway!

Yay! Today it is exactly one year ago that I started my Etsy shop! You wouldn't believe how scared I was! My very first customer was from Australia and I remember having trouble sleeping until she mailed me that her order had arrived. Wow, what a trip it's been! And I loved every minute of it :)

I have found so many wonderful, supportive people through Etsy, facebook and several other places and as a big THANK YOU to all of you, I'm having a giveaway! Just have a little browse through my shop and tell me which photos you would choose if you win and why. There are several more ways to gain extra entries! Just scroll down to the Rafflecopter menu and enter, it's really easy! 


And now for the PRIZES: ONE lucky winner will get one 8"x10" photograph AND two 5"x7" prints!! Pretty cool, eh? 
On to bigger, better and bolder things!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Road Trip!

Can you believe it's already September? I'm constantly wondering where the time has gone! Maybe I should buy a watch... ;) Lots of things have happened over the past few weeks, but I won't bore you with the details. However, I wanted to share some pics from our little trip to Germany with you! Erwins brother rented a house in a beautiful rural area called the Eifel region and invited us to come and stay with them! Sweet, huh? So we packed our bags, got in the car and started driving. I love road trips! One of the more fun things to know about us is that we are extremely lazy... Not lazy when it comes to the things we like doing, but lazy as in not doing the ironing and letting it pile up until we can barely enter the room, so we have to spend the better part of the week catching up. Or, in this case, having a GPS (got it from a friend who bought a new, fancy one) that hasn't been updated in years. Which led to some hilarious moments where we got stuck in a corn field, but all in all it made for a very adventurous trip ;)

One of our stops on the way there was in Monschau, a gorgeous historic town located in the hills of the North Eifel. This town has many, many preserved half-timbered houses, and its narrow streets give a true magical, medieval feel to it.  It's not even that far from home, so we will be going back! Such a beautiful place.

I loved this house! I could totally picture us living there!

Our little man had a lot of fun and even started talking a lot more during this trip. His favourite word by far? Car. It's so much fun driving on the highway hearing 'Car! Car!Car! CarcarcarcarcarcarcarcarcarcarCAR!' over and over again, haha! Luckily that changed once we got to the rural area. From then on it was 'COW! Cow! Cow! Cowcowcowcowcowcowcow  ...COW!'  When we stopped for coffee and waffles he even called the lady who served us 'cow'. I'm not sure she appreciated that.

Oh, and this cute little guy went with us! His name is Trubbs. He's on holiday with us and Ravi loves to take him everywhere. Trubbs was made by Polly from Polly Doodars and since Polly couldn't go on holiday this year, she decided to send a Doodar instead! You can find Polly here:
Trubbs' adventures can be followed too!

Now.... on a completely other note (while still posting pics of our trip, sorry about that, my camera is just glued to my hand I'm afraid), Maximonstertje is almost ONE! Wow, and what a trip it's been! Can't believe it's already a year ago that I started a shop on Etsy! I want to THANK YOU all for your wonderful support, kind words and everlasting positivism over the past year, I am so grateful to have you! Keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway (probably this weekend!)!!!  

I'm so excited and curious what the next year will bring!! Starting this Friday with a very special photoshoot with a very special lady! Weeeee! :D 

Do you like road trips? Remember your first or your favourite one? Tell me, I'd love to hear about it :) xx