Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Year Old & A Giveaway!

Yay! Today it is exactly one year ago that I started my Etsy shop! You wouldn't believe how scared I was! My very first customer was from Australia and I remember having trouble sleeping until she mailed me that her order had arrived. Wow, what a trip it's been! And I loved every minute of it :)

I have found so many wonderful, supportive people through Etsy, facebook and several other places and as a big THANK YOU to all of you, I'm having a giveaway! Just have a little browse through my shop and tell me which photos you would choose if you win and why. There are several more ways to gain extra entries! Just scroll down to the Rafflecopter menu and enter, it's really easy! 


And now for the PRIZES: ONE lucky winner will get one 8"x10" photograph AND two 5"x7" prints!! Pretty cool, eh? 
On to bigger, better and bolder things!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love a lot a naturals also speical places that are hidden in nature or the pics of ur travels!!!

  2. I cant copy links douse I'm on a kindle fire and it wont let u but I left u mark and my comments on all you said love ur pics. It would be hard to chose but I know the ones I like the best!!!!! Ty for this opertunity!

  3. Any of them and all of them. But since you're making me choose:

    red shoes
    vintage car
    rowing boats

    Anything colorful!

  4. Hi Danny! Yay! Happy Anniversary and what a fun give-away!
    Which photograph would I choose... hmmm... it'd have to be a close tie between:
    The peacock because I love turquoise and the vibrancy is beautiful.
    The black and white owl because they are such magical creatures.
    and the Surreal Blue Skies Maastricht photo... because Maastricht is just the best! :D
    XO Emily

  5. Congrats Danny!!! You have cool images, wonderful imagination and such a lovely shop on Etsy! I'd choose (...hard decision ;))

    *Dreamy Fairy Tale Bridge - it'd be pretty above my table, would give new inspiration everyday :)
    *Blossom Aqua Pink Flowers - it's an awesome pic with my fave colors :)
    *India Palace of Winds - it's a beautiful image with touch of India's spirit :)

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a great prize! It's a hard choice but I'd either go with summer flowers or Magical Tree Hearts. Honestly there isn't one of your photos I'd turn down as I love them all :) I'm very glad to have met you and I look forward to another year of beautiful photographs!


  7. Your photos are stunning as always. I TOTALLY love the first one. LOVE poppies (thus why I paint them often). Anyways, happy celebration to you on your Etsy. :D

  8. I love all your photos and nomatter how hard i try , i cant pick just three :)

    I love the Vintage romantic set , France travel set, Pink flowers set

    Rabbit with the pocket watch , Red shoes and True love :)

    CONGRATS AGAIN !!! Love xxx

  9. Yaaay! Congrats on your anniversary!! I'm so happy for you!!
    My favourites of your work at the moment are The Magical Tree Hearts "Tonight Tonight", "River of Dreams" and Captain Peacock.
    But man! It's hard to choose!!
    Wishing you many more successful years and may all your dreams come true! <3

  10. Congrats my lovely! Soooo..this will be hard hard hard, buuuut the three prints i would choose are: Magical trea ultimate favourite <3, River of dreams and the Queens Croquet ground. I have soooo many favourites though..that its almost impossible to limit it down to 3!
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway <3 xxx

  11. the very idea of choosing is making me all pent up! i love your work so much xxxx congratulations of your anniversary, may it be the first of a great many!

  12. Congrats on making it to 1 year! It is the hardest milestone to reach.
    I would love a chance to win some of your lovely photos, I think I would have to pick the peacock, the "Nature Photography Tree" and the bread "love" (that would go up in my craft space since my company is Toastie Studio)

  13. I love the Summer Tress Nursery Art because it is simply beautiful!


  14. Congrats Danny - so excited to see what the next year holds for you - a toast to you & your first incredible year!

    1. Photos -- ooh! Ok, what I wold like to do is have two of them gifted & keep one for myself! But I haven't decided which one I would get to keep - maybe something that could hang with Sadie's Lady Baah Baah ....

  15. How did I miss that great opportunity?
    My all time favourite is that tree with hearts :)

  16. Heej Danny!

    I only just found your blog, as I was super ill the rest of the week (as was the rest of the world I believe ;) So glad I found it though! Your photographs are magical! I can't believe I didn't know this about my own cousin for so long!! Ah well that's what you get when you don't facebook I suppose ;)

    Anyway you have a new follower!! ;) And congratulations with your shops birthday! ♥ Nelson