Friday, October 12, 2012

A Walk in the Forest

I love autumn, don't you? It's such a gorgeous season, filled with golden light and amazing shades of green, yellow, orange and red... This week was all about taking it slow. Everyone in our little family is or has been ill and it just didn't seem to go away (which might have something to do with our little one going to kindergarten now), so we decided to all just take a little time off and enjoy the peace and quiet.
One morning we were up very early as our munchkin was too excited about the new day to sleep and after a quick breakfast I decided to wrap myself in a big coat and shawl, grab my camera and head out into the woods. I promised myself to do that at least once a week from now on! It was so incredibly relaxing to just stroll a bit, admiring the scenery, taking photographs of everything that caught my interest!

When surrounded by only the faint sounds of wind rustling through the trees and the chirping of birds, it's easy to let the mind wander. Drink in the magic of the hour. Feel the light on your skin. Imagine yourself in a fantasy world, where anything goes and everything is possible and where little Hobbits live and offer you the best (second) breakfast you ever had...
Can you feel it? It's like inspiration becomes tangible at moments like this!

Not having to go anywhere opens up so many possibilities. In my excitement I drove past the forest I intended to go to at first, so I kept on driving and saw a good place to park the car a bit further. The logical way to go from there was to head up into the forest from there, but then I noticed a smaller path behind me leading a little bit off-road into a less dense part of the woods, where beautiful fields lay bathing in the morning sun. Just glorious. It's moments like this that make me realise how incredibly lucky I am :)

I'm thinking of offering some of these photos as a set,  I love the dreamy mood! What do you think?

What do you do when you're up early? Do you like to take walks by yourself? Head into the woods? How do you clear your mind? I'd love to hear from you! xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Collection of Firsts

Finally a new blogpost! I've had some major issues with my computer lately. It kept blocking everything that is powered by Google, which includes this blog and I hate working on my hubbies computer (I'm weird like that), so that's why I haven't posted anything! Luckily all is (or seems) fixed again and we're good to go!

Wow, the past month was a complete BLAST! I'm not going to write much about it, I think the photos say so much more! First of all: I had my very first official photoshoot! I was so lucky to have the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous family (as a matter of speaking ;) How cute are they!? Such a magical day!

The lovely pretty lady in these photos is Rakhee and she's the owner and artist of Poppeke - Art for happy people, a wonderfully cute and colorful shop on Etsy! You can find her on facebook: and of course in her Etsy shop:

I love this painting she made of a girl named Tickle! 

And now she's making these gorgeous little custom dolls as well! That's me on the right, see the camera? :)

Another first was our little boy going to kindergarten for the first time! It was a lot more nerve-wracking for me than it was for him, I have to admit.                          He's doing really well, he's been going for 2 weeks now and he loves it!
Proud mommy here! I love seeing him play and sing and dance with the other kids, our munchkin is growing up so fast! Here he is being all excited for his first day.

And finally I can proudly present my first calendar! It took me a while to make, but I'm happy with the result! Captain Peacock insisted on being on the cover and he got his way too (somehow he always does, the little brat...)!

And, since I haven't posted in a while, last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to have a photo shoot with these lovely girls! I feel so immensely blessed to be able to do what I love most! Please bubble, don't burst ;) I love shooting outside and these girls were just fabulous to work with! 

Ok, now I'm finally back blogging I'd love to keep talking, but I can't do that to you, so I'll save my rambling until the next post ;) So tell me, what is new with you? Any firsts you would like to tell us about (no, not those... pervert!) ;)

Have a magical day! x