Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Life in Pics

Hello everyone! I'm back! It's been a while, I know. I'll have to find a good balance in blogging, I think.
That, and the last two weeks have just been crazy. Lots to do, gorgeous weather and a huge amount of photographs to take. About two weeks ago I also lost the cable of my camera. I took the munchkin to the petting zoo and while trying to take photos of my bouncing child (who loves to hug all the little goats), I lost it somewhere. Maybe a goat ate it, who knows. But anyway, I had to order a new one and couldn't get to the photos in my camera, which was pretty frustrating! However, it did make me see just HOW MANY photos I take! Normally I upload them right after taking them, but since I couldn't, I had hundreds and hundreds of photos to upload after only 10 days! Wow. So I am a freak ;)

Oh well. I'd love to share some pictures with you from the past couple of weeks. We went for endless walks through dreamy landscapes:

Marvelled at the immense beauty of something as simple as light reflecting in the water:

Admired the pretty flowers:

We also went to see the Knight's Tournament at the lovely castle of Hoensbroek. It was so much fun! It's a beautiful location and the tournament is pretty spectacular. I love looking at all the dressed up folks, craftsmen and of course the gorgeous decor of the castle itself!:

Isn't she the cutest?

Too bad this was all fake! It got me hungry!

All this fun stuff and beautiful weather got me in a very summery mood, and I went out to shoot some gorgeous flowers:

And last, but not least: I finally managed to finish my fourth piece in the 'Red Riding Hood' series. This particular one took much more time and effort than the others, as I had to merge three different photographs into one, but I'm happy with how it turned out :) It's called 'The Faceless Knight' and as every piece in this series has a little story about Red Riding Hood (whose on her way through the magical forest to visit her grandma) to it, so does this one:

Red sat down on a knobbly tree trunk and opened her little basket. The long walk had tired her
and she was hungry. Grandma wouldn't miss a cookie or two, she thought.
The smell of her mums cookies filled her nostrils and not long after her belly was full again.
She felt refreshed and was ready to continue her trip. Suddenly she heard a gushing sound.
Wind, she thought at first. But it was too loud for it to be merely the wind.
It appeared to come closer and the sound grew into a soft rythm.
Then, through the golden tree branches, a rider appeared.
He wore a knight's armor and a dark cloak hid his face, but when he rushed past,
Red could feel his soulless eyes on her.

Good night, lovely people. I hope you enjoyed this little trip. Sweet dreams :)


  1. wow! fabulous photographs Danny!! I especially love the first one of your dreamy landscape...all your pictures tell a story and make you just wana jump right into them and find out what's going to happen! I'm trying to get back into writing my novel and your first photo has really inpsired just has such mystery surrounding it...hard to explain...but I love's just like one of the scenes from my book (only it's snowing in my story!)

    1. Aww, thank you so much, lovely! It makes me so happy to have inspired you! Now I'm really curious, your book sounds great! A mysterious winter scene :) Can't wait to read it! It's so wonderful to learn new things about people! I'm writing a book as well, but to be honest, I've neglected it a little lately.. Have fun writing, sending you lots of good writing vibes! xxx

  2. Yaaay! A new blog post! This one brings me in a vacation mood, hihi! I had no idea this little festival at Kasteel Hoensbroek is so much fun, I have to check it out next year!

    1. Yes! You really should! It's wonderful and has such a great atmosphere (a bit like the Elf Fantasy Fair, only much smaller and specifically a medieval setting)!

  3. I love looking at all your new photos. I really like the first one, it is very dreamy and relaxing to look at. The flowers photos sit well as a collection too, v pretty x

    1. Thanks so much, lovely! I'm so happy you like them! xx

  4. Wow! You sure made up for your little vacation! (cable missing incident:)Love your dreamy landscapes and flowers, not to forget the castle! So glad you have a blog now!

  5. wow, they are gorgeous, I love the dreamy landscape, its so relaxing, thankyou